My Safe Workplace

In the event you do not feel comfortable or willing to contact management or utilize the current systems, Hoffmaster Group, Inc. offers an anonymous incident reporting system entitled MySafeWorkplace ®. This system enables an employee, vendor, customer or third-party to submit a report via the internet ( or by calling the toll-free number (800-461-9330). The conflict, issue, or question that you report is forwarded to a call center, available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. MySafeWorkplace is a secure, third party anonymous incident reporting system.

From any internet connection or telephone, you can provide details of an incident to MySafeWorkplace. An individual has the choice to remain anonymous or reveal his/her identity. If you choose, you can reveal the name(s) and contact information of suspected violators. The report and your identify are encrypted using state of the art SSL encryption technology.  Your confidential report will instantly and anonymously be forwarded to the appropriate individuals within our organization.  Upon submission, you will be provided with a confidential access number, as well as asked to generate a personal password, that enables you to anonymously re-enter the site at any time.  You will then be able to send and receive anonymous messages pertaining to your report and, if desired, participate in any follow-up.  It is very important that you document these items, as they will be used to follow up on your report. You can call MySafeWorkplace® or log in to to check report status. Once the unique access code and password is entered, you may continue anonymous dialogue with us through the message board “talk to your organization.”

The workplace issues you may report via MySafeWorkplace® include, but are not limited to: harassment, employee mistreatment, poor customer service, poor housekeeping, unfair labor practice, discrimination, sabotage, threatening behaviors, unsafe work conditions, industrial accidents, vandalism, workplace violence, workplace substance abuse, domestic violence, theft, fraud, embezzlement, auditing matters, ethical violations, waste of time and/or resources, compliance and regulation violations, environmental damage, and/or corporate scandals.